Keep pests away from your property.

Guard your garden against weeds and fungi.

Put wildlife back where it belongs.

Stop termites from destroying your home.

Looking For Reliable Pest Control Services?

We make pests a thing of the past

If you want to get insects out of your home, Boots Pest & Weed Control is the company to call. We can find and exterminate nearly any type of pest. We also offer live animal extractions. If small mammals have invaded your home, we'll trap them humanely and relocate them to a safe environment. During this summer we understand swarming termites, fleas and ticks are a huge problem. Our team is ready to handle anything the Oklahoma summer will throw at us.

We offer commercial and residential pest control services. Call us today for a free estimate.

Are weeds taking over your yard?

Weed control is just one facet of our lawn care services. Boots Pest & Weed Control can treat your:

  • Grass: Get full-lawn weed control.
  • Trees: Get rid of webworms.
  • Plants: Treat fungus and mites.

Keep your yard healthy with our weed control services. Call 580-492-6687 now to schedule your first treatment.

Why choose Boots Pest & Weed Control?

What makes our company stand out from the crowd? Boots Pest & Weed Control is:

  • Local: We're a part of the community you live, work and play in.
  • Thorough: We're not done until the problem is solved.
  • Charitable: We donate a portion of our proceeds to the local library to help make education available to everyone in the community.

When you work with us, you're not a name on an invoice-you're a neighbor. We have a relationship with each client we serve here in Elgin, OK. Call today to talk to one of our exterminators about your pest and weed control needs.

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