Are Termites Eating You Out of House and Home?

Get a professional termite inspection today

Every homeowner knows that termites are a nuisance when they swarm. But did you know that termites can cause serious structural damage on your property? Boots Pest & Weed Control can inspect your home or office from top to bottom to determine whether or not termites are lurking inside.

We can also perform a preventive inspection. Oklahoma law requires a full termite inspection before selling a home and for all new construction projects.

Your termite infestation will grow worse with every day it’s left untreated. Call Boots Pest & Weed Control today to schedule a termite inspection.

3 signs you have a termite problem

3 signs you have a termite problem

Most homeowners don’t realize they have termites until they’ve caused serious damage. There are several signs you can spot before the situation gets too severe. If termites have invaded your home, you may find:

  1. Droppings: Also called frass, termite droppings are small piles of wood-colored pellets found near walls and windows.
  2. Holes: Termites burrow into the wood in your home, leaving pin-prick holes behind.
  3. Mud tubes: These root-like tunnels can be visible on cinderblock, drywall and brick.

If you’ve seen any of these signs, call Boots Pest & Weed Control now.