Want to Evict Your Furry Freeloaders?

Call your city’s wildlife extraction experts

Has a scurry of squirrels moved into your attic? Boots Pest & Weed Control provides fast wildlife extraction services. We can visit your home to assess the problem and set up a humane trapping system. Once the animals are caught, we can remove them from your property and relocate them to a suitable environment.

We extract moles, squirrels, snakes, skunks and other small animals. Call today to schedule a wildlife extraction appointment.

Why choose extraction over extermination?

Why choose extraction over extermination?

When a family of animals takes up residence in your home, your priority is to get them out as quickly as possible. It can be tempting to try poisons or lethal traps, but these methods aren’t quick, easy or guaranteed to eliminate the problem. Professional wildlife extraction from Boots Pest & Weed Control is:

  • Safe: We won’t introduce poisons or dangerous traps to your home.
  • Humane: We’ll remove and relocate the animal to a better environment.
  • Effective: The risk of animals returning to your home is minimized when relocated professionally.

Animal extraction is also an eco-friendly option, as it doesn’t diminish local wildlife populations the way extermination does. Call Boots Pest & Weed Control now for a free estimate.