Take Your Home Back From Bugs

Reduce your stress by removing pests

If bugs are invading your home, Boots Pest & Weed Control can help. We offer full interior and exterior treatment, depending on your needs. When we arrive at your property for an initial inspection, we'll examine your house from top to bottom looking for any signs of pests. We'll then go over our findings with you and discuss the methods of treatment available.

Don't wait for a few pests to become a serious infestation. Call Boots Pest & Weed Control today for effective pest control.

We have the solution to your pest problem

We have the solution to your pest problem

Have insects turned your home from a castle into a prison? Boots Pest & Weed Control can get rid of just about any pest. We can treat your home for:

  • Ants: We exterminate everything from carpenter ants to fire ants.
  • Beetles: We can stop beetles from destroying your property.
  • Mosquitos: We'll keep these disease-carrying pests away from your home.
  • Bedbugs: We can eliminate even the toughest case of bedbugs.
  • Mice: We offer free inspections for mice as well as mice mitigation and preventative measures.

Have you spotted squirrels, rats, mice, or moles on your property? We also offer rodent extermination and extraction services. Call today to schedule your home inspection.