Control Weeds Smarter, Not Harder

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Keeping your lawn healthy requires more than just pulling up dandelions by the root. To prevent tenacious weeds and unwanted grasses from taking over your lawn, you need a weed control expert. When you call Boots Pest & Weed Control, we’ll send a professional to your home to inspect your lawn and garden. After a full assessment, we’ll design a treatment plan that works for your yard.

We perform weed control services for homeowners and for entire neighborhoods through HOAs. Call today to schedule your weed control assessment.

We’ll protect your yard from more than weeds

We’ll protect your yard from more than weeds

Your grass, garden, shrubs and trees are all susceptible to a multitude of destructive forces. Our weed control services include applying:

  • Pre-emergent herbicides: Prevent tough weeds from ever appearing.
  • Fungicides: Treat your garden for fungal infections.
  • Miticides: Kill vegetation mites without harming your plants.

We can also spray your yard for poison ivy and treat your trees for webworms. Protect your lawn or garden by calling Boots Pest & Weed Control today.